Wondering in what stiles the Sitflip comes? Just browse through the section below and you will find the Sitflip who suits you! See as well the related categories where you will find the currently available Sitflips.

The Worn

Countless hours spent on the deck trying to land that particular trick – bailing – trying again and again and… even harder. Until one fine day you got that smooth feeling of having landed that trick, rolling away with a smile on your face.
This chair tells a lot about the visual culture of skateboarding, the riders and their individual tastes. You can read the histories behind the decks and the persons who rode them.

Pure Skateboarding.

The Blank

The Blank comes with the minimalist looks of the coated natural wooden decks. For those who do not want scratches. For those who want to customize their Sitflip. For those who want something fresh and new.

Just blank.

The Artist Series new!

The Sitflip rendered unique by talented artists related with the street art scene. Picking up the general theme of telling stories, every artist interprets the Sitflip through his eyes and his very own visual language. This chair is truly unique, as the single decks are here seen as canvases. You can hang them on your favorite spot on the wall, watch and contemplate – or actually just sit on them.

We call it art.