Sitflip was founded 2010 by Jörg Volgger, a young architect and designer currently based in Bolzano-Bozen – Italy. His design projects revolve around ideas like mobility, D.I.Y. and using materials and concepts for other purposes as they were originally intended.

The Sitflip project started when he was one day sitting in his room and looking at the wall where he had lined up all his used skateboards. Memories of time spent on the decks flashed through his mind as his eyes were passing over the worn out boards. He thought to himself:
Why not combine two major passions of my life? Skateboarding and design?

The Sitflip – the skateboard chair

The „Sitflip“ is a light and mobile chair. Whether you use it at home or on your way outside, it will fit your needs. As mobility was one of the primary objectives of the design, the construction is kept to the bare minimum. Therefore the seating of the chair is integral part of the load-bearing structure. Just two supplementary tension rods are required for taking up the emerging drag forces. This makes it light, strong and easy to setup.

Skateboard Art

The relation between skateboard and graphics was always very strong. Lance Mountain, professional skateboarder and artist, puts it in his comment on the book disposable – a history of skateboard art, written by Sean Cliver: „Skateboarding has always been much more than the progression of stunts performed on a skateboard. There’s a whole creative mentality behind it all that has influenced our culture.“ Graphics where always more then mere illustrations. They have a integral function for shaping the identities of those directly involved with skateboarding.

We do think that Skateboard graphics are unique pieces of art. This whole idea is very important as the chair is easily to disassemble – you can show them on your favorite spot on the wall. For this reason we included three wall mounting display sets into the Sitflip – handmade.

Sitflip is simple, comfortable and mobile.

Technical Information

Weight: 3.6 kg
Sitting height: 30cm
Dimensions (built up): 75 x 40 x 72cm
Dimensions (stacked): 75 x 20 x 8cm
3 skateboards
2 rods – polished stainless steel
4 screw nuts
4 plastic shims